Lungu et al. published in Traffic

January 9, 2023

Golgi screen identifies the RhoGEF Solo as a novel regulator of RhoB and endocytic transport

Cristiana Lungu, Florian Meyer , Marcel Hörning, Jasmin Steudle, Anja Braun, Bettina Noll , David Benz , Felix Fränkle, Simone Schmid, Stephan A Eisler, Monilola A Olayioye


The control of intracellular membrane trafficking by Rho GTPases is central to cellular homeostasis. How specific guanine nucleotide exchange factors and GTPase-activating proteins locally balance GTPase activation in this process is nevertheless largely unclear. By performing a microscopy-based RNAi screen, we here identify the RhoGEF protein Solo as a functional counterplayer of DLC3, a RhoGAP protein with established roles in membrane trafficking. Biochemical, imaging and optogenetics assays further uncover Solo as a novel regulator of endosomal RhoB. Remarkably, we find that Solo and DLC3 control not only the activity, but also total protein levels of RhoB in an antagonistic manner. Together, the results of our study uncover the first functionally connected RhoGAP-RhoGEF pair at endomembranes, placing Solo and DLC3 at the core of endocytic trafficking.


doi: 10.1111/tra.12880

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