Markus Morrison is invited speaker at the FASEB conference on “Dynamics and Encoding in Cell Signaling” in Niagara Falls, USA

1. Februar 2024

FASEB is proud to present the first in-person conference on signaling dynamics and technological advancements in microscopy, biosensor design, and cell tracking and image analysis software.

This conference will serve a growing field of specialized cell communication research that intersects with the traditional signal transduction field. While signaling research has long focused on identifying and characterizing the components of signaling pathways, this new perspective emphasizes the spatiotemporal aspects of cell communication and a quantitative understanding of how pathways transmit and process information. The key tools in this new field are live-cell imaging, biosensors, computational image analysis, and mathematical models. This conference will cover advances in these tools and will be a venue for discussing higher-level concepts shared across many signaling pathways, including p53, NF-kB, MAPK, cell cycle, cell death, and metabolic signaling.

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