Ehlers et al. published in Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology

17. Dezember 2021

Multiphasic modelling and computation of metastatic lung-cancer cell proliferation and atrophy in brain tissue based on experimental data

Wolfgang Ehlers, Markus Morrison (Rehm), Patrick Schröder, Daniela Stöhr & Arndt Wagner 


Cancer is one of the most serious diseases for human beings, especially when metastases come into play. In the present article, the example of lung-cancer metastases in the brain is used to discuss the basic problem of cancer growth and atrophy as a result of both nutrients and medication. As the brain itself is a soft tissue that is saturated by blood and interstitial fluid, the biomechanical description of the problem is based on the Theory of Porous Media enhanced by the results of medication tests carried out in in-vitro experiments on cancer-cell cultures. Based on theoretical and experimental results, the consideration of proliferation, necrosis and apoptosis of metastatic cancer cells is included in the description by so-called mass-production terms added to the mass balances of the brain skeleton and the interstitial fluid. Furthermore, the mass interaction of nutrients and medical drugs between the solid and the interstitial fluid and its influence on proliferation, necrosis and apoptosis of cancer cells are considered. As a result, the overall model is appropriate for the description of brain tumour treatment combined with stress and deformation induced by cancer growth in the skull


doi: 10.1007/s10237-021-01535-4

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