Boccellato & Rehm published in BBA Mol Cell Res

19. Februar 2024

TRAIL-induced apoptosis and proteasomal activity – Mechanisms, signalling and interplay Boccellato C, Rehm M

Programmed cell death, in particular apoptosis, is essential during development and tissue homeostasis, and also is the primary strategy to induce cancer cell death by cytotoxic therapies. Precision therapeutics targeting TRAIL death receptors are being evaluated as novel anti-cancer agents, while in parallel highly specific proteasome inhibitors have gained approval as drugs. TRAIL-dependent signalling and proteasomal control of cellular proteostasis are intricate processes, and their interplay can be exploited to enhance therapeutic killing of cancer cells in combination therapies. This review provides detailed insights into the complex signalling of TRAIL-induced pathways and the activities of the proteasome. It explores their core mechanisms of action, pharmaceutical druggability, and describes how their interplay can be strategically leveraged to enhance cell death responses in cancer cells. Offering this comprehensive and timely overview will allow to navigate the complexity of the processes governing cell death mechanisms in TRAIL- and proteasome inhibitor-based treatment conditions.

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