13th IZI Workshop - Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Approaches in Cancer

24. Oktober 2019 / Cristiano Guttà

30 September – 2 October 2019, Feldberg

The annual IZI Workshop has reached its 13th edition and continues to offer great chances for interaction, thanks to the broad range of expertise covered by our Institute.

During the three-day event, PhD students and postdocs presented the latest results of their research in progress, after a brief introduction of the respective Group Leaders. Lively and productive discussions took place after the presentations and during the poster session and the social events. Four keynote speakers from industry and academia (Prof. Dr. JörnLausen, Dr. Thomas Schirrmann,  Dr. Manuela Ritz and Dr. Thomas Klünner) contributed with their talks and feedbacks.

The Institute thanks the Sponsors (Promega, Yumab, Immatics, Baliopharm, Prokando, Thermo Fischer Scientific, Zeiss, New England Biolabs, Miltenyi Biotec, Essen BioScience and Greiner Bio-One) and the PhD students organizing the event: Chiara Boccellato, Nivetha Krishna-Moorthy and Lennart Kühl.

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